Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thoughts on Women Returning to Work after children: PART 1

I've spoken to women who worry about whether they will be taken seriously as they return to work- or who, already back working, feel they aren't.  There's a sense that colleagues will or do think that now they are a mum, they won't have their eye on the ball.  Yes, with many of us motherhood comes first.  What's really more important - the life of a small child or that a report is presented 100% perfectly?

But my thought is - how much did you consider how seriously you were taken BEFORE you had children.  Having children is a wake up call in many ways.  If it's making you think about how seriously you're taken at work, and in other environments that matter to you - great.

It might even be worth sitting down and thinking back, and having a reality check.  Perhaps things were brilliant back then before you got up the duff, but maybe they weren't.

Now is the time to not only regain yourself, but reposition yourself exactly where you should have always been.

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