Wednesday, January 19, 2011

About this blog

I've set up this blog as a place to share my writing.

In the first instance this will be a 'chunk by chunk' posting of my book 'Jumping Off The Edge Of The World'.

In 1999 I threw in the towel on a relationship and my job and blew the deposit I'd saved for a flat in London on a trip around the world. During that journey I travelled through New Zealand, and when I left I knew that I had to live there.

In 2002, dragging my boyfriend with me (he didn't actually mind too much), I left life as I knew it in the UK behind, quit the rat race and moved to New Zealand to see what life would bring.

'Jumping Off The Edge Of The World' is a thirty-something city girl's experience of starting all over again at the other side of the globe. It's honest, entertaining, educational and a a jolly good read.

If you've ever considered running away and joining the circus, emigrating to a new country or you just like travel books, then this is a good place to come.


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